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Island Enclosures Signature Platinum Collection

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Protect your home from storms and hurricanes 24/7 by using impact-resistant glass that will keep your home safe from flying debris.


Effectively eliminate up to 50% more noise than single pane glass. Carries an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 35.


The laminated glass, similar to your automobile windshield, provides an effective deterrent to theft and reduces the potential of injury from accidental glass breakage.


Removes 99% of harmful Ultra-violet (UV) radiation that can fade furniture, rugs, and artwork.

Turtle Glass Options Are Available!

Island Enclosures Signature Gold Collection


Our Signature Gold Collection vinyl replacement windows give added comfort along with beautiful styling options. Standard features, such as Low E Soft Coat Glass and Argon Gas Fill, make your home more comfortable throughout the year and reduce energy consumption. Create the perfect view and light up your home.

Island Enclosures Signature Silver Collection

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Our Signature Silver Collection vinyl replacement windows light up any room with their impeccable quality, advanced technology, classic design, superb construction, ease of installation and maintenance-free operation. What’s more, the 3/4” insulating glass provides a thermal barrier, enhancing the beauty and performance of these windows for years to come.

Energy Star

Our Signature Collection windows and doors all meet ENERGY STAR guidelines. These energy-efficient windows and patio doors help reduce your heating and cooling costs and meet guidelines set by the EPA and the US Department of Energy.

AAMA Gold Label Certification

Thanks to AAMA Gold Certification, you can be sure our Signature Collection windows and doors meet the highest performance standards for air and water infiltration resistance, structural integrity, and forced entries.

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